Red Alert Monitor V4R1

Apisoft Techno Vision Corporation has a software suite named “RAM-The Red Alert Monitor”. It is a turnkey software solution for the management and automation of Alerts and Events.This software suite offers a client-server solution with multiples clusters and a highly sophisticated programming language to ease the implementation of business rules regarding automation of alerts and events. This software also encompass various adapters and gateways to well-known product such as IBM-Tivoli, CA-Unicenter, MVS Mainframes, Helpdesks third-party product and Perigrine software.

Our software suite consists of several components representing more than 300,000 lines of source code which runs in banking production environment since 1991 and which is continuously updated with new features and new releases since its beginning. The software root and our founder has win the “Technological Innovation” 1991 Award from FIQ (Fédération de l’Informatique du Québec) for the production first release.

Maximizing ATM availability is critical to banks, since any down-time significantly impacts the revenues generated from their ATMs. At one of our customer banking site, RAM, The Red Alert Monitor software processes and correlates more than 250,000 events per day.

Of this number less than 5% requires a manual intervention by one of their operator, the rest is all automated using various filtering techniques, correlation algorithm, knowledge base and site business rules. This allows them to save a lot of money in technical support and maintenance personal and at the same time provides them with one of the best availability ratio for up and running ATM’s.

Red Alert Monitor Components