Our story

Apisoft was founded by Mr. Carl Brosseau in 1996. Since then, we offer various consulting services and custom-made software in specialized areas.

In 1997, we were mandated for a year by Micro Tempus to be a senior consultant and architect for project development using the IBM MQSeries software. The same year, we were mandated to be a senior architect for Bombardier Transport through AGTI Services Conseil on the automation on an high speed train with LonWorks Technology.

In 1998, Apisoft Techno Vision Corporation was mandated by Microcell for five years to be a consultant on various IT Projects using C, Java and VB language.

In 2002, we were mandated part-time by HDFC Standard Life for less than a year to evaluate and give some recommendations on a proprietary request transport protocol.

In 2003, Apisoft was mandated for two years by Desjardins through AGTI Services Conseil to be a senior analyst on a major conversion project using Perl, Unix, MVS, Oracle, DB2, Java, ITM-RM, Tec-Prolog and more.

In 2006, we were mandated for a year by Facilité Informatique Inc. for Equifax Canada to be an external senior consultant.