Facilité Informatique inc. (for Equifax Canada)

2006-2007 (1 year)
External Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant at Equifax


Desjardins (through AGTI Services Conseil)


2003-2005 (2 years)
Senior Analyst

On EIM major conversion project from IBM OS/2 to Windows Platform across all branches using the IBM Tivoli and Apisoft Ram/Mvs software for Alert Management, Event Correlation and software deployment. Perl, Unix, MVS, Oracle, DB2, Java, APE, ITM-RM, Tec-Prolog, and more.





1998-2003 (5 years)
Consultant (Senior Architect, Analyst and Programmer)

Various IT Projects using C, Java and VB language. Web Development. Project Sherlock (Fraud Detection), Project SMS-Welcome (SS7), Project Mask (Electronic Payment and Refillment), Project LSR (CRTC compliance), Project Suave (Billing), Project SABRE (SUR Browser), and more




HDFC Standard Life 



2002-2002 (less than a year)

Part-time mandate to evaluate and give some recommendations on a proprietary request transport protocol


Bombardier Transport (through AGTI Services Conseil)


1997-1998 (1 year)
Senior Architect

Automation on an high speed train with LonWorks Technology




Micro Tempus




1997-1998 (1 year)
Senior Consultant and Architect

Senior Consultant and Architect for project development using the IBM MQSeries software